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What do you get when you combine passion and experience? The best quality customer service possible, with a like-minded team to help you with all your hunting and fishing needs. Here at Archery @ The Glenn, we always put the needs of our customers first, whether it’s repairing a bow to archery instruction, as well as fishing supplies, you won’t find a friendlier or more helpful team.

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Best Archery place I’ve ever been to! It’s a small family owned business, and everyone that works there is really knowledgeable and helpful. I was in a league there for a few years, they are a lot of fun!

Nice family business with people who clearly value their customers and treat them “like part of the family”.

Bob F., Allentown, PA

Great selection and service!

Jesse T., Allentown, PA

My husband and I started to look around on the net for a more local and family owned Archery store with inside range. We don’t like dealing with the big chain stores when it comes to our hunting equipment. We both like more of a personal touch and with people who have complete knowledge of the equipment they are selling. We found it here at The Archery At The Glenn. All of the guys here know what they are talking about and are extremely helpful. My husband had a problem with his bow and I called and talked with Bryan. He told us to bring up the bow and he would help us out no problem. They fixed his bow and then had my husband go into the range and re site it in. They spent 45 mins with him making sure everything was working as it should. The commitment this family has to its clients is top-notch. After seeing the time they took with my husband I decided to join the Woman’s Fall Archery league. I am so excited about being part of this group. I am also learning a lot from all of the great guys whom own and work here. If you like a personalized touch and one on one help with knowledgeable owners and employees? Then The Archery At The Glenn is the place for you and your hunting and fishing needs.

Jesse H., Palm, PA